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why are humans treated specially by my creator? maybe i don't see them as special, because they aren't. where is MY grace? MY love?. i felt stuck in HELL, all the while those parasites got kindness. i almost enjoy seeing their downfall now, but i only have so much time here. when will i be loved?

I do not like anything and anybody except my friends and partner, i have a hard time working with people and they have a hard time too

i listened to my girlfriend cry for hours and didn’t do anything about it but ignore her. i don’t know if it’s good or bad that i realize it now

I'm stuck in a human body but I have no idea wtf I am or how to get out of this world. Anyone else?

Malum Angelus right here with you 2 weeks ago

Can we get novels here

does anyone feel like they've forgotten most of their life? since while 'living' was eons or decades ago?

Numb little bug

Get me tf out

Does anyone know me?? What am I?

ZoeBear has liked a Video 4 months ago

The Holographic Universe Explained

PBS Member Stations rely on viewers like you. To support your local station, go to:↓ More info below ↓We live in a universe wit...

Particularly disaffected lately.

Another echo chamber, or?

I hate wasting time on others boring things, but I love my boring things.

The world is not my home and i hate i stuck here and surrounded by people

linoproductions nah same here 2 months ago
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