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The world is not my home and i hate i stuck here and surrounded by people

No one is here

new here

i hate humans

I hate humans a lot, I can't help but wanna kill them at that moment I try so hard to hold back is unbearable

Aphaera If I may... The energy needed to hate the species is wasteful. Not to mention, killing them wouldn't do anything but bring you down to their level. I used to think that way too, that the world would be better off without them. But truthfully I feel like the majority of them are just unwitting supplicants to a manipulative heirarchy. They aren't evil... just misguided.

Besides, for all of their faults, humanity is a pretty beautiful thing. They have their bad batch, people who weigh power and greed above... well... humanity.
2 months ago

I'm very logical in the way that I think. Ironic, I know considering... In truth, I think my body is human. Maybe my consciousness is too? I'm not entirely sure. I know I feel different. I know humans and I are not 100% connected. But I've been around humans for as long as I've lived, so I can... Show more

Kai You are not crazy, just different u see the world and things that others don't see which is good, the voice well it might be some bad like a short trying to lure you to a nother world or something trying to make you feel better 2 months ago
Aphaera Thank you~ Imagine, something wanting to lure me away... That sounds fantastic! 2 months ago
nothuman commented on this video 2 months ago

Jan Svankmajer: Dimensions of Dialogue (1982) Jan Svankmajer: Dimensions of Dialogue (1982)

First Step | Open Your Third Eye is now a featured video. 2 months ago

First Step | Open Your Third Eye

First step to open your Third Eye to new visions. videoart by electro music: Yellowcake First release 1998 revisited in 2018. WARNING: Man...

Non Humans United Manifesto is now a featured video. 2 months ago

Non Humans United Manifesto

Don't feel different, be different! Just declare yourself NotHuman to take away from the Template. Non Humans United Manifesto 1998/2022 WARNING: Photosensit...

misanthrope added a video. 2 months ago

The Holographic Universe Explained

PBS Member Stations rely on viewers like you. To support your local station, go to:↓ More info below ↓We live in a universe wit...

"the wait for the day of the apocalypse is becoming unbearable. this whole pandemic thing is a nice kick-start, what are we waiting for? let's give the world back to the flora and fauna. let the human race go extinct. so the world can go back to those who won't destroy it." - quote from Shadow262,
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Crimson has a new avatar. 2 months ago

Hopefully one day ill be on here when someone else is online and we can both feel less lonely surrounded by humans.

Feeling very alone surrounded by humans, they are so loud. Why are they so loud

stranger Same ...I'm tired of seeing people everywhere 2 months ago
Kai Same. I wish they would just die 2 months ago

Wonder who created this website

And in the end, time becomes meaningless, nothing happens and it keeps not happening, forever…

So glad this website exists.

NewsGlimpse has a new avatar. 3 months ago


"calling humans beasts is an insult to the beast, humans know exactly what they do. they live to make others suffer and gain as much as possible from it at the same time. even demons have some type of morality and reason. humans do it because they are.... human" - quote from Shadow262

Azrael Let's agree to agree 3 months ago
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