Hi Nothumans.

Yes. We are Nothumans. But we exist somewhere!
This project was conceived in 1998 (visit old site here) by me, Federico Bucalossi, an Italian multimedia artist since 1991 and now teacher of “Digital Applications for Arts” at Fine Art Academy in Carrara, Florence, Palermo. Usually I get very bored by “Official Arts” in “Official Places”. I prefer creativity and inspiration that come from elsewhere with disinterest like Street Art, Environmental Art, Happenings, Contact Improvisation. I have always conceived the web as a large blank wall where those who really has something to say, even very unusual and strange, here can dare to say.

At the beginning of Nothuman project from 1998 to 2014 I used different mixed media to develop a critical thinking about “To Be Humans” and “The End Of Contemporary Humans” with VideoArt, T-Shirt Art, Lights Installations, V-Jing and electronic music with Yellowcake, Paintings, Performances, Happenings with StranoNetwork and obviously Web/Computer Art …

Now with CMS and Web 2.0 I’d like to grow and evolve this online community Forbidden to Humans.
For those who do not have a blank wall where to express and develop their/our diversity.
To me money worth like Monopoly paper but nothuman.net need it. If you are interested to take part in this project click and donate. 
Thanks Nothumans!
Federico Bucalossi
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