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Picture Description "Kanye Effect" (Kanye effect) air max candy drip has become the hottest sports shoes in by far the most controversial topic. There will be industry sources, limited hunger marketing dominated the shoes market in the past year, but also gave adidas an opportunity to let the brand a good deal of exposure to achieve Jedi fight back Nike. For the rapid development of adidas nowadays, most people think that mainly having a partners, super popular celebrity kangye related. About three years ago is the lowest point of adidas, as well as the ability to resist competition Nike, but also must face Under Armor frequent provocation, so that buyers are worried about it's future. Subsequently, adidas in 2014 to 10 million US dollars and promised to offer dividends to the rich return through the hands of Nike signed when using the goods star Kanye Western world, and soon launched a hot until now Yeezy series.

And this is caused by such a crowd of discussion is the halloween nike shoes root cause of this father and his her conversation Gold Kardian high social networking fans popularity, this force is bigger and unstoppable. Analysis means that with the emergence associated with Instagram, Twitter and other social media marketing platforms, the trend as well as fashion itself has changed. According to Instagram data, Kanye West couples have more than 100 million fans. Kanye West has said that if it's not at all because of social advertising, he will not glimpse so frequently in court sight. NIKE chairman and main executive officer Mark Parker recently also stated that the current NIKE concerning 75% of sales expansion from NIKE Style, to scale back the category 25% belonging to the shipments will help encourage consumer shopping desire with the product. This means which NIKE will fully follow adidas last year's very successful hunger sales tactic.

From the visual impact with the shape, star effect, social media air max 90 pas cher femme marketing, for you to hunger marketing, "explosive" has been completed, NIKE has finally begun to bow into the stars and explosive. Leading 13, Nike Air Foamposite One particular GalaxyTaobao speculation price: 9000 RMB and also soIn 2012, "Galaxy spray" when listed, by virtue from the mysterious star elements, has become lots of shoes fans dream shoes and boots. Although before the US outlet Marshalls shelves, was found as some 50 dollars as long as the Galaxy spray, but inside the whole market, it is still one of several shoe king. Top 14, Nike Hyperadapt 1. 0 Ebony and WhiteTaobao speculation cost: 11000 RMB or soUnder the impact with the new hyperadapt, this set of automatic lace some along the altar, but last year that will 720 US knife sale of grayscale color, speculation price continues to be expensive, the town shop no issue.

Top 11, Air Jordan ONE PARTICULAR BannedTaobao speculation price: candy drip nike air max 90 customs 13000 RMB or soTo Nike to repay the history of the NBA for any inspiration, a pair of successful speculation outside the ban on the design. Last year's red as well as black, although called Prohibited, but does not range from the 2011 version of the particular "X" details, so it's still astronomical. Top 15, Air Jordan 1 FragmentThis pair of Naturally, AJ1 loyalty powder want to have the shoes, but likewise the love of popular dogs. Top 9, Air Jordan 4 LightningThis set of lightning color Air Jordan SOME, in 2006 for at the first try in people's attention, the golden shoes is rather eye-catching, coupled with the sale of those shoes is not, yearly can be piercing new flavor The top part 9, Nike x Vlone Surroundings Force 1 High Monochrome Taobao speculation price: 15000 RMB or soThis couple of crown on the feet of the joint, the world's small lots of poor, taking into account your VLONE and Nike hardly any longer joint, under a crowd of elements, this pair associated with shoes speculation prices effortlessly rise.

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