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please please get me out of here

emmawoods added a video. 4 weeks ago

i think wowaka was very smart and understood what i often tried to convey. i have a tattoo of this heart. im happy for him because he is free, and i think this song was a farewell. it means a lot to me. i love a lot of different things about earth, and i think that sometimes there is hope for... Show more

【Wowaka】Unknown Mother Goose - eng sub 【Hatsune Miku】

【Wowaka】Unknown Mother Goose - eng sub 【Hatsune...

is it bad to wish to take others with me when i’m freed from this body? of course, it’s not just my body, and we would all be leaving it at once (presumably), but i frequently find it hard to stop others from freeing themselves. this world is truly cruel to its special visitors. i know that some... Show more

i feel so lost. i don’t want to just use this place for calls for people like me or delusional episodes. i just feel... not really here? it’s so hard to use words. i wish i could project my thoughts on a screen so maybe, just maybe, someone will see it and recognize me

hi! ive never had an account like this before and im quite new. for years ive been possessing this body. every picture i see of the little girl who once owned it makes my heart ache. i mourn for her. i feel that i am an intruder, an alien, a parasite, but i cant leave. i cant be free, and i cant... Show more

Crimson Haha me too 2 weeks ago
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