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And now... A poem of gratitude.
Is it coincidence? I can't help but laugh. Like a great intelligence.. hiding within the mass. Is it not working for good? Could this be God? But who else would it be?? Like the road unseen... Can we be confident into where it may lead? I guess only time will tell...
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They look at my face and they think it is strange.. Because it is not they the one that they want me to wear. Rejection. LO and BEHOLD, I am faceless! Maybe one day u will see me.. truly. Again

We wear our masks because we've learned to hide.. Avoid their snares and glares. U want to see our faces?? U don't deserve it! Ur whispers and secrets show who you are! Y all the secrets?? Should through be made for all to see? Or is it a lie... You speak of light, but you speak in the dark... Show more

fknmutt23 truth* not through [sry ] 9 years ago
fknmutt23 that's shouldn't truth* 9 years ago

Enslaved. They are proud to admit their submission. It is a game to them! No freedom of the soul, no will to speak their hearts.. if they ever learned to care. We non-humans are TOO human because we feel.. or not because they've taken everything.. So we r then made slaves. Slaves of a broken... Show more

Mines: Humans are typical, hypocritical, un-experimental, JUDGEMENTAL, warmongers, subliminal, unwise, unwilling, unchangable, unfair. [add here]

So what's ur opinions/philosophies on life, humanity, and human behavior?

They should start a chat room

I might make actual friends here..

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