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I hate that I know I'm human. I know physically, I am and will always be human, it feels so invalidating.
I have Autism, PTSD with severe trauma symptoms, and Depersonization/Derealization Disorder, and have been told that some of this can give me a skewed sense of identity.
I've never felt human, I've...
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frostitheeggman This may have come off as useless banter
I deeply feel as if I am nothuman, however this may be because of my mental illness and entertaining it has caused me to become arrogant and egocentric, and I don't wish to be that, for this reason I will be taking my leave, however maybe one day when I am more mentally meture I will return and it won't have the same effect as it did now
You all are valid
2 years ago
emmawoods best wishes, please stay safe, i hope the best on your journey! 2 years ago

My apologizes for not being as active today as I have been recently. Unfortunately, I am stuck in a human body and I have been very tired, very exhausted.
It's exhausting having to be around humans all day, and let alone ones you don't particularly like.
Humans tend to drain me, and I spend the...
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I couldn't go into depth as to why I believed I had a connection to the Gods, so I shall do that now that I have the opportunity to do so.
The Gods have shown to be Mortal, take Balder dying to the Mistletoe, and in the prophecy Odin and Thor dying. However, despite all of them being Mortals they have...
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frostitheeggman has a new avatar. 2 years ago

I feel a strong connection to the Gods. I have no belief in them, however I feel a strong connection to them, as if I am one of them in a way.

Maybe I am the universe herself, or perhaps just a fragment of her.

I am not quite sure as to if I created the Earth or if I just have the ability to control certain aspects of her, however I do know that me and the Earth are connected in some way, and that we know each other better than humans ever could.

I don't understand how humans can act so cruelly. I gave them this Earth and their bodies and minds and they used it to hurt everything around them. I gave them the vibrant blues, greens, pinks of the world around them and they destroy it beyond their own need. I gave them what they need and they... Show more

Hello, I'm new here. I am hoping to share similar thoughts, feelings, and hopefully make friends.

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