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"calling humans beasts is an insult to the beast, humans know exactly what they do. they live to make others suffer and gain as much as possible from it at the same time. even demons have some type of morality and reason. humans do it because they are.... human" - quote from Shadow262

The worst insult someone can call you is "human".

Do you see the truth?

I came visit this website every week. Anyone else?

paradaze I just joined, very curious place 6 months ago

Have y'all lost your mind?
I saw this creature on top of a vehicle driving at 90 mph.

What are humans?
What describes them?
Are they really smart?
Well no they are not, they nothing more than mindless creatures who seek for perfection and power.

I feel my mental health break down, when they talk about how thecnology is not good, yet they do nothing. Makes me so frustrated, but I can't say anything because they will try to supposedly help me because I'm crazy, they will try to make me like them. There too much into their made belief world... Show more

I hear this voice that tells me every day ,"You only live ones, so why not do it?" Why shouldn't I do it?
Well because this is just a made up world, I don't care for them, if at the end everything will be gone.

Y'all I will not be at peace till I destroy humanity. I will put an end to them. If your willing to help I'll be glad. Just wait and see how they're all gone.

I've been dealing with humans my whole life, and it's hard to try an not destroy them when I have so much hatetred towards them.

Zizikitty My reply is: Try spending time outside communing with nature with nonhuman kin. Or, develop a quality relationship with your computer. 11 months ago

Humans are destroying the world, they don't even notice because their too busy counting money caunting followers too selfish. *sigh*

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