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Does anyone use this site?

It came again last night. I can't go too much into detail because it terrifies me. But I felt it, tasted it,d me. and smelled it. It took a Familiar form but I knew it was not not the person it was pretending to be. My ribcage still hurts from where it grabbed me, and that metallic taste still... Show more

3rd night now, im in a pain. My skin is on fire, my bones feel like they are being bent! .y eyes go black and I feel like I'm changing! Wtf is wrong with me???

Searching for the one I'm suppose to find. The one who has followed me my entire life.Always in the background and in the shadows
Waiting, and watching. He calls out to me most nights. I'm too afraid to go out to him. The voices are louder and clearer these days. Why me ? Why follo me? I'm no one...
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All my life, i was told i was crazy. Crazy because i see things others don't. And hear things others can't. This has caused me a great deal of pain in my life. Forced to go to church when i was younger and sit through an exorcism while being told i was evil and probably possessed by demons was... Show more

frostitheeggman I'm sorry you ever had to experience any of that, the pain you've endured shouldn't have ever happened, you deserve so much more. I hope you will find your true form soon. 4 months ago

. It happened again. Caught in the space between awake and sleep. I see and feel them. Its happening more frequently now. Something is here, my dog Coco is aware of its presence. She's my protector as I sleep. Its through her that I know when it's near. So tired...

So tired never fitting in tired constantly hearing at my door and window asking me to come out side I want to go to them I'm afraid of what's out there. I have no real connections to anyone anymore isolating myself practically everyone no one understands no one cares I am alone. They say I don't... Show more

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