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Hi. Someone told me I needed to find a support group. And my google searches brought me here. I like anonymity. So I thought maybe I'd just. Write something and share with other nothumans.

My first google search of the night was what would I do if I was happy. I read ended up clicking on one that said...
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frostitheeggman I am similar to you, I am also incredibly empathetic and understand how much of a struggle that is. It is okay to hurt, you aren't wrong for being in pain, soon you will find true happiness in something you find worthwhile, I urge you to stick around long enough to see yourself find the happiness you are looking for. These feelings won't last forever, I wish that soon you will find yourself in a place where you don't feel as negative as you do right now. In the meantime, know I am here to listen to you. 10 months ago
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