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"Personhood gives to the human individual a universal worth and an exceptional standing. And in the transcendent nature of personhood we find the inalienable substance of human rights and the genesis of society and law.... These competing constructs establish personhood in both the individual and... Show more

I am not sure if this statement will go unread but, I greatly hope I will be able to find someone who is able to resonate with this on some level. I am all too aware that I am in all likelihood idiotic and nutty. I have tried to get help but it has only gotten me in hospital and has only left my... Show more


I am aware that this site only occupies a small number of users. Even so, I am happy to have found this social media platform. I found this site to a certain extent by mistake. I was not looking for a social media platform. I believe I was searching for answers which do not exsit. Despite the...
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