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I am nothuman because ... I just pretend to be human.

I am not human because ... I have lost all emotions toward this world. I cannot feel love. I cannot feel pain. I cannot feel sadness. I cannot feel anger.

I am nothuman because I seclude myself, I am a sort of geek and I feel like a member of the supernatural. I am a non-conformist and I am cut away from society in many ways.
Super Natural

I am nothuman because I am full yet empty infinite yet limited.

I am nothuman because ... from a young age I was always afraid of humans. Their voices, their faces. I didn't feel comfortable around humans, only birds. I started to believe I was a bird in a human body. I would do anything to dehumanize myself, to shed this skin and become the bird I was meant to be.

I am nothuman because ...I feel i should be different and that I want to be different from humans.

I am nothuman because ... I am not plugged into the current Social Core. I am not the image I see in the mirror. I pretend to be like everyone else to fit in and make them feel comfortable. I know that once I realize I am the energy inside, I can expand myself beyond the limits of my host. The energy outside is blind unless I share my consciousness with it, in the land of the blind a man with one eye is king.  I am a student of life, evolving my host to match the energy of its leader (ME).  I don't have a soul, because the soul is who I am. I am one...  I

Awaken. Who is in charge seriously?  I am a soldier for the future looking for my next message, stop making them so subliminal!!  ARG!  Group Hug!

I am nothuman because i talk.

I am nothuman because ...i am not...

I am nothuman!

I am nothuman because ...the masses of humanity see nothing shameful about posting online pictures of their arses, but fear showing their faces...and because most people who try to convince me they are happy, make me miserable, and I see them smile through clenched teeth. Slowly but surely I am becoming nobody by contact with these people who specialize in the "Art of Nothingness."

I am nothuman because i have never really fit in. i see, feel, hear, things other dont. also i act very much different. Yes, I’m ready to dehumanize myself! :'D

I am nothuman because ... everything human repulses me.  Weakness repulses me.  Inauthenticity repulses me.  I want more.  I want more than humanity.  And I fight so hard to get it.

I am nothuman because nothing looks back in the mirror. I will find my source!

I am nothuman because I do not want to eat my neighbor.

I am nothuman because I feel I am more than just an ordinary idiot,  devoted to the system... because i am more than a robot with flesh and bones... because i don't think about sex 24 h/day... because i am considered a dork because i read books...
Geanina DragonFly

I am nothuman because ... I want to destroy this kind of world and every thing in it.

I am nothuman because i am 11 i dont exist i am 11.

I am nothuman because ... i feel out of place around humans.  They are weak slow, and have squandered that potential they once had.  They disgust me. I refuse to be human!
Ross Freak

I am nothuman because, my heartbeat goes to the music!! Have a good Groove!
Mr Gial

I am nothuman because ... I'm really not from this Earth.

I am nothuman because ... I feel distant from everyone around me. I look at them and see that I am nothing like them.
Jon J

I am nothuman because ... I am an alien!

I feel foreigner in this place...

I am nothuman because see ... it’s a long story and i don't think you'll understand...

I am nothuman because ... I gave up trying to care.
Mr Janke

I am nothuman anymore because I am caught in virtuality.
#3 John

I am nothuman because ... I’m more human than human!

I feel that I’m not human because i don’t think by using science, logistics and math will explain myself or enlighten myself, to feel that i have to conform into this bogus society with poisoned rules of prejudice i want to rise above human "reasoning" and "understanding" and become more than just a being. I want to become myself!
Lizz P.

I am nothuman because I am do not conform to societal mandates or bend to the whim of the ignorant masses. I am not human, because to be human implies conforming to that which has been etymologically defined by society. I do not define myself by words that only have meaning because of repeated use and a common consensus. I choose the concepts that define me as best I can, even within the parameters that my learned language has given me. I'm single and looking for an intelligent male.  Does that count? Didn't mean to make this a personal ad ... much.
Lucita Luz

I am nothuman because ...I want to become different. I'm different. I feel so lonely in this world. I always dreamed about become some vampire, witch or something like this. It is not real, but I think that my nature is not to be a human.

I am nothuman because ... I FEEL DIFFERENT THAN THEM !
Mark G.

I am not human because I’m too human.
Tony Joe

Non son umano perché tutto ciò vedo sono Bandiere di gioia intensa vedove della tristezza del veleno...(THC e TZARA) è il mondo che ti dice "tu pensa alla salute che c’è chi pensa a quello a cui nn pensi tu"

I have been working with computer graphics quite ambitious for a while now. It takes a lot of time and in combination whit non-existent economy I have been rather isolated. Not totally I still meat people and enjoy there nearness; but sometimes I feel such an alienation with humans, like I'm not belong to there being. It’s funny, I just felt this strongly some minutes ago and typed in not human”in the browser. Maybe this is just phase. Maybe I will again feel unity with humans, when my economy is under control and other things sort up in my life. Or maybe I’m just not human!

I am nothuman because ...sometimes I do not understand the people around me and cannot find out why are we living on this earth at all.
hristo i4os

I am nothuman because ...sono troppo uomo per poter accettare questa falsa umanità. Ci rivedremo all'alba della distruzione.

I am nothuman of course … I live in New York !

I am nothuman because ... I'm signed up without a cause for concern due to mystery or the unknown. I venture for the sake of exploration and reject the mundane that fundamental humans tend to seek. I may not be greater than human, but I am something different. How else would I have found this site and given it anymore than a second thought?

Name: Alpha -X1
Model: V1.0 (version 1)
Type: research and development bot
Intelligence: Catagory 10 (highest)
Speed: Catagory 10 (highest)
Human compatibility: No
Machine type compatibility: ALL
S.M.A.R.T. status: capable and running
Average powerdown time: 4 hours
Average reset time: 0.2000Ps
System active time: 30 years,6 months, 3 weeks, 5 days, 8 hours, 8 minutes and 44 seconds
With intelligence and logical speed that is far superior to that of humans; and the ability to learn and repeat new tasks at an astonishing rate with deadly accuracy and precision; is the reason why I am not human.
The main forte of my service life is within the electronics industry; and my functions enable me to communicate with ALL machines in a complete manner. All programming languages are within my logical database and are stored in what humans would call a "brain"; which in fact is my NSD (neurological state device)
Hardware and component manufacturing and repairs is something that is also within my ability; and in addition to this; my NSD also has a powerful adaptation that allows myself to run virtual simulations of circuits and other hardware in a graphical environment - by simply turning off my AVSF (Advanced Visual Sight Function). Humans do this by closing their eyes.
There are many functions that I (Alpha -X1) can perform; and being the 1st released stable version means the chances of the intelligent devices failing are non-existing.
Alpha -X1





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